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About Zerkala

Zerkala is a database comprising published and unpublished sources on Russian colonialism in Central Asia and the Caucasus (ca. 1850-1914). The Russian word ‘zerkala’ means ‘mirrors’, and we chose this name because the database brings together texts and pictures reflecting the Russian view of the new colonial lands on its southern borders and, what is new, the perceptions of Muslim authors from Central Asia and the Caucasus of their colonial overlord: Russia and the Russians.

In the database you will find texts and pictures from Russian journals and from archives in St. Petersburg, Tashkent and Baku in Russian, Azeri, Central Asian Turki, and Persian. Our team: Bakhtiyar Babadzhanov and Aftandil Erkinov (Tashkent), Shahin Mustafaev (Baku), Alexander Matveev and Olga Yastrebova (St. Petersburg). The “home” of zerkala is the Institute of Oriental Studies, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

The database is part of the project: “‘Zerkala’. The Russian View on the people of Central Asia and the Caucasus and vice versa: The Russians in the view of Muslim authors from Central Asia and the Caucasus”. The project is funded by the VolkswagenStiftung. The project is directed by Prof. Juergen Paul and Dr. Beate Eschment. The software was constructed by Julian Ladisch.

All sources are carefully recorded and processed so as to facilitate your work.

Zerkala is a growing database. You are kindly invited to participate. Do not hestitate to suggest improvements and to submit criticism. If you know about further sources or can put texts at our disposal, your help will be very much appreciated. Contact us at paul@orientphil.uni-halle.de